writing update

Robot Rumble: Progress Update

Big update, people.

As of today, the very first draft of AGENT DARCY AND NINJA STEVE IN...ROBOT RUMBLE is complete. If you want a sneak peek, click this link to add your email address to the NINJA NEWSLETTER.   I'll be sending out the first chapter on October 1st and that will be the only way to get it!

What's next, you ask?

It means that I now have a few rough weeks--okay, to be real, months--of editing and revision. A first draft is an ugly thing. The major elements are there, but there's all kinds of work to be done. Dots of the plot need to be connected, typos must be found and destroyed, character personalities need to be strengthened, dialogue needs to be cut down, a few loose ends need definitive conclusions. It's, honestly speaking, just as hard as creating the draft itself. I've been known to spend days working on revising a single chapter trying to make it perfect...only to realize that my first attempt was really what I needed all along.