#MondayBlogs - Robot Rumble Pre-Order, Push-Ups, & The Ataris


Warning: lots of exclamation points ahead.

The Kindle version of Robot Rumble will be out on Saturday! This will be your first chance to check out the latest novel in the Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve series. It has more spin-kicks, more sneakery, more mystery, and more President Ninja!

I also got the first test-print of the HARDCOVER VERSION OF ROBOT RUMBLE!!!!! The only way to get this version is to pre-order here on my site! Pre-orders for the first batch will end on May 1st, so don't delay!



I've been reading The Sculptor by Scott McCloud. It's a graphic novel, more for a 16+ crowd (just to give fair warning) about a down-on-his-luck artist who makes a deal with Death: he'll be able to make beautiful sculptures for 200 days and then he will die. I'm only 50% through it and it's a heart-wrenching, gut-punching story about how artists struggle and suffer because trying to make it as an artist in this country is so incredibly difficult.


Repeat this circuit 3 times:
1 minute of push-ups
1 minute plank
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute squats
1 minute cross-body punch w/ 8-10 pound weights (keep weights up like you're guarding your face. Twist body and feet to the right, slowly punch across your body with your left hand. Slowly twist and punch in the other direction)





-Book 2: Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in…Robot Rumble! will be released on Kindle April 30, 2016. The Kindle version is available for pre-ordering!!!

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