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#SundayFunday: Post-Thanksgiving Update


Just like last year, I've gone ahead and made Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve a part of the Worldbuilders charity, run by Patrick Rothfuss and his team of do-gooders.

The short of it: Worldbuilders is a charity that partners with Heifer International in order to provide livestock, clean water, and courses on raising livestock for villages across the world that need extra help. They don't just drop off a goat at someone's house and walk away: they teach the families how to care for the animals and how to use them to help make their lives better.

From now until December 7th, all of the profits from the sales of Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve novels will be donated to Worldbuilders. Plus, I've sent 10 bundles of books to be a part of the Worldbuilders lottery. Every $10 gives you a chance to win books, board games, geek apparel, jewelry and all kinds of amazing donations. (The Lottery page is far from complete. They're adding new items nearly every day.)

Also: Mecha-Mole Mayhem's first draft is progressing. Slowly, yes, but still progressing.


After hearing an absolutely astounding interview with Darren Shan, I followed his recommendation and ordered a copy of his novel, The Thin Executioner. It'll be arriving in a few days and I can't wait to read it. Just so you know: Darren Shan writes teen fiction that goes into very dark territory, so it's not something that I could recommend to readers of all ages.

Darren Shan penned the Cirque du Freak series, which gets my vote as one of the greatest YA series of all time. It is a 12-novel tale of a boy named Darren whose life is thrown into a downward spiral after crossing paths with a vampire and a venomous spider. There's nothing else like them and I make it a point to read his work out loud to my students every school year.



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