WorldBuilders Update!

Hey readers!

Some of you know that Patrick Rothfuss is one of my literary heroes. Some of you know that I wanted to support his amazing charity, WorldBuilders, by donating my profits from TIGER TROUBLE sales until December 14th, when WorldBuilders closes up its funding period.

What I didn't say was that I also sent along 20 autographed copies of TIGER TROUBLE to be added to the WorldBuilders lottery. It works like this: if you choose to donate and enter the lottery, every $10 gets you one entry. Up in the mix are super rare books and signed copies from superstar authors. There's one in particular signed by R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson, Lev Grossman, Rothfuss himself, and about 15 others.

In other words, the lottery is FILLED with books from absolute titans of sci-fi and fantasy. So when I donated those copies of TIGER TROUBLE, I had no idea that one of the blog entries would contain THIS:


One of my favorite writers on the planet said that something I've done makes me way cooler than Batman.

I I'm still slightly in shock.

Life is amazing.