brandon sanderson

Why Brandon Sanderson is Awesome

I have a long list of favorite authors, because that's what happens when you read a lot of books.

You may have heard of Brandon Sanderson because of his "supervillains rule the world" novel, Steelheart (a YA title that belongs in my top 10 of all time). Or maybe it was his "magic makes you an assassin for the rich" novels, Mistborn. Or maybe it was Elantris or Stormlight Archive books. Or any number of other projects.

Needless to say, Brandon Sanderson writes A LOT.

Every year, he does a super-long blog post about all of the projects he's been working on and his projected writing schedule. The man has SO MANY ideas that right now his schedule extends to 2021 (with several other projects placed on the back burner indefinitely.

The man is a professional in every sense of the word. Go see for yourself.