August 6th Update!

Hello there!

The Robot Rumble paperback is up on Amazon and it looks so good!

I've been putting in all kinds of crazy hours for book three, Mecha-Mole Mayhem, and I'm about to send it out to my editor later this week. Still no solid release date here, so stay tuned for more information.

My summer goal was to write, write, write.

In the past, I've fallen way short of my goal, but not this year. For any day that I was home (and for a few days while I was on vacation), I was working on writing for at least 3 hours. It was an incredible challenge that proved refreshing: I showed myself that I could really push my creativity and along the way, I came up with several new projects to work on.

I've got a few days left before I head back to being a teacher, so I'm really making sure that my time goes to good use.

Thanks for checking in, talk to you soon.