Worldbuilders Charity 2017

A few years ago, I reached out to a charity called Worldbuilders and asked them if I could make Agent Darcy & Ninja Steve a part of what they do. They said, "Yes!"

You may be asking yourself: what is Worldbuilders? How did you find them?

Here's the quick rundown:

Patrick Rothfuss is my favorite fantasy writer. His book, The Name of the Wind, will make you fall in love with fantasy literature. Since 2008, he has been running a holiday season charity called Worldbuilders, which donates its profits to Heifer International.

What makes Heifer International amazing is that it provides livestock, clean water, and trees to people in the world who need it the most. For instance, if you donate $20 to Heifer, that is enough to provide someone with a flock of chicks.

But here's the thing: Heifer also sends people over to teach the recipients how to take care of those chicks, how chickens aerate soil when they walk around and increase crop yield, how chicken manure can be used to fertilize the land.

Suddenly, a family has eggs to eat. And eggs that become more chickens. And eventually those eggs can be sold, or the chickens can be sold. Suddenly, a family can pay for their children to go to school. They can give chickens to their neighbors and teach them how to raise them.

As Pat said on a recent podcast, Heifer International sends an avalanche of good into the future.

Worldbuilders kicks all of their money from this fundraiser over to Heifer International. They offer their donors a chance to win awesome prizes, too.

It's called "the lottery."

For every $10 you donate, you get entered one time into the lottery.

What can you win?

Autographed books by TONS of authors (Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, John Scalzi, some guy named Grant Goodman). Board games and dice games. Art. Jewelry. SO MUCH COOL STUFF. Seriously, there are close to 6,000 items in the lottery right now.

So I'm encouraging you to do something awesome this year. I'd like you to join me and be part of an avalanche of good, rolling into the future.

As an added bonus, if they can hit $715,000 an anonymous donor will kick in $285,000 and bring their total up to a million! It's getting close!

Here's that donation link again.