Worldbuilders Charity 2017

I've mentioned before that Patrick Rothfuss is one of my all-time favorite writers. His debut novel, The Name of the Wind, left me absolutely wonderstruck.

Several years back, he started up a charity effort called Worldbuilders, a reference to creating a setting for a novel, but also a reference to Heifer International, an organization that provides in-need villages with livestock, fruit trees, clean water, bio-fuel stoves, and--best of all--education on how to make use of these things. (You can read about it here.)

Worldbuilders is my favorite charity and if you're looking for a worthy cause to support this holiday season, it gets a 5-star recommendation from me.

In fact, I love Worldbuilders so much that this year I have contributed autographed copies of Tiger Trouble to their INCREDIBLE vault of lottery prizes. Here's the blog post they did for it.

Worldbuilders has a lottery system: for every $10 that you donate, your name gets entered into the prize lottery. Right now, the prize lottery has close to 4,000 different items, with more being added every few days. It's full of autographed books, games, fantasy and sci-fi inspired jewelry, and more.

As the next few weeks unfold, I hope that you'll consider sending a donation their way.