Fitness Update

When I was in college, I stopped taking care of myself. Years of martial arts practice, miles on the treadmill, and long sets of push-ups went right out the window. The dining hall food I chose to eat was basically fast food: buffalo chicken sandwiches, greasy slabs of pizza, cheesesteak subs. By the start of sophomore year, I had gained over 30 pounds.

I made a decision to turn things around. I went running with one of my roommates two nights a week. I stopped drinking soda entirely. I started going to the gym after class. I stopped eating at the Chipotle that was 5 minutes away from my apartment.

By the end of my sophomore year, I had fought off 20 pounds and was back to fitting into my old clothes. It took a lot of sweat and time, but it worked. Since then, I've spent a ton of time trying to maintain my fitness.

I haven't been perfect about it, but I've never gone back to that original weight from sophomore year.

Every now and again, I'm going to check in and post one of my workouts here. Maybe you'll give one a try!

One of the best tools I've been introduced to is the Fit LB Tabata Timer.

Here's what you do: you pick an exercise. When the timer turns green, it means you do that exercise for 20 seconds without stopping. Then, the timer will turn red and you take a 10 second break. You'll do that 20 second burst for a total of 8 times and then that's one full round.

Today I did one full round of each of the following exercises:

-Mountain Climbers




I'm definitely feeling the burn!!!



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