marie lu

VIDEO: Marie Lu Interview with GoodReads

Marie Lu is the best-selling author of the Legend series. I love this interview because it touches on what her life was like as a 5 year-old Chinese girl who had moved to the US. She also talks about her teenage years, her favorite words, and her love of drawing.


NaNoWriMo: The End. A Final Peptalk Link

Not everyone reaches the words "THE END" on November 30th. Even though it's the last day of National Novel Writing Month, some of you are realizing that you still have 25,000 words to go. Or 50,000. Or 100,000. That's why I'm linking to this pep talk from the exceptional Marie Lu (writer of LEGEND and more). It's an extra push to keep on going. Yes, 30 days in a row of writing is exhausting. But most of the time, it isn't nearly enough.

Read this, find your fire, and move forward!